May 11, 2017


NFL Media

I’m currently an editor on NFL Media’s digital team, where we preview and predict games, highlight historic performances, and showcase the stars of the game off the field.

Best Moments From Bills’ Epic
Week 6 Win over Chiefs

Vikings Break the Win Probability Meter with Biggest Comeback Ever

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Immaculate Reception: By The Numbers

Chiefs Beat Bills in Greatest Game of 2021 Playoffs

Bills Crush Patriots in 2021 Wild Card Round

Gameday Routine: Cameron Jordan

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Chiefs’ 2020 AFC Championship Spark

Run It Back: 2003 – Packers vs Eagles

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Bleacher Report: Ditch The Playbook

Adam Lefkoe went on the road to find out what makes NFL players and coaches a little different from you and me. I edited all 8 episodes of this series.

Sean McVay Remembers His
Plays From High School

Johnny Hekker Proves How
Hard Catching Punts Is

Quinnen Williams Recreates
Classic Memes


Lifetime: Dance Moms Dance Party

The dancers from the Abby Lee Dance Company star in this series for YouTube and broadcast. Games, challenges, and too much sugar.
I was the lead editor on four episodes.

ABC Dance Challenge

Who Knows Me Best?


Bleacher Report: Simms & Lefkoe

Two BFFs (that’s “best football friends”) discuss the NFL, interview players, and get thoroughly weird on this weekly Bleacher Report YouTube series.
I edited 20 weekly episodes, including a massive Super Bowl special edition.

Inside the Bears’ Hilarious Prank War

Jamal Adams Goes Wild in Wreck Room


Intervention: The Town

A&E dedicated an entire season of “Intervention” to the Atlanta suburbs known as the “Heroin Triangle.” This digital companion series took a closer look at four people battling the opioid crisis in novel ways. I edited and designed motion graphics for the entire series.

Episode 1 – The Fight

Episode 5 – Justin’s Story


History/Biography Topicals

A+E’s HISTORY and Biography brands use their digital platforms to provide quick explainers on any topic under the sun.
I edited about 20 of these pieces, leaning on my motion graphics skills to elevate them.

The Arab Spring

Madonna’s Mic

Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Kevin Hart

Kurt Cobain

John Gotti in Federal Prison


The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth

I produced and edited Showtime’s online promos and bonus content for the craziest reality show ever: the story of the 2016 presidential election.

Katy Tur on Tour with Trump

Julian Assange’s “Gilded Prison”

Megyn Kelly on 2016 Moments

David Kennerly Captures Hope



“It’s just golf, try not to take it so seriously,” says Sportsrocket’s fast-growing network. I’ve edited some seriously fun videos with them, starting in 2015.

Beach Golf

The Science of Bryson


The Bodega Season 2

From Flama. Hilarity ensues as Alex and Jose find themselves in charge of their dad’s Washington Heights bodega. I edited 4 episodes.

Change Run



MLB Fan Cave

Dozens of MLB players visited the MLB Fan Cave in Manhattan to take a break from baseball and have some fun. Throughout 2013 and 2014 I edited and helped shoot over 100 Fan Cave videos which received more than 10 million cumulative views.

LA Dodgers Play Dodgeball vs. Kids

Yankees & Mets Missed Connections


Showtime Networks: Marketing Promos

I post-produced and edited these spots. They played before Showtime’s season premiere episodes which were distributed to VOD, web, in-flight, and hotel room viewers.

Episodes #301

Californication #701



Personal Projects

I produced, directed, wrote and edited these short subject documentaries.

Asbury Park

Grow Up Punk